Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Which vehicles are available with wireless charging technology?

Mopar In-Vehicle Wireless Charging technology is available in select vehicles with more being added soon. Visit the Supported Vehicles Page to see vehicles that are currently available with the In-Vehicle Wireless Charging option.

I just bought a new Jeep Cherokee with wireless charging. Can’t I buy my accessories here?

The wireless charging technology in the new Jeep Cherokee is based on inductive wireless charging technology and is not compatible with the conductive products available on this site. It was developed and is supported by another company. Please visit for information and products to support your new Cherokee.

How do I charge my phone wirelessly in my vehicle?

You must purchase a wireless-enabled case and then install case onto your phone. Set the phone on one of the wireless charging home or in-vehicle charging pads. The charging indicator on your phone will light up indicating that your phone is charging.

Will the charging pad charge my own cell phone case?

No, you must use one of our wireless enabled charging cases to charge on one of our wireless charging home or in-vehicle wireless charging pads.